21 Affirmations

April 21, 2022 Danielle Maame Season 3 Episode 2
21 Affirmations
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This episode is simply a list of 21 affirmations

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21 Affirmations 

  1. I am present
  2. I am worthy
  3. I am enough
  4. I am successful 
  5. I am blessed and a blessing 
  6. I am the best me I can be
  7. I do my best in everything I do
  8. I am alive and striving to love and live my best life 
  9. I trust that I am in alignment with everything destined for me
  10. I trust that God has a purpose and plan for my life
  11. I am grateful for every experience that has brought me to the present moment 
  12. I define what success looks like in my life
  13. I will continue to succeed for the rest of my life
  14. My story and testimony will be used to motivate and inspire others to also strive to be the best versions of themselves 
  15. I have always overcome any obstacle that I have ever faced and will continue to do so
  16. I am confident in my skills and abilities 
  17. My best days are still ahead of me
  18. I am grateful to experience the moments of life - no matter how big or small
  19. I am grateful to have the ability to turn negativity into positivity 
  20. I have a good life even if it doesn’t always feel like it
  21. I am grateful